Sign writing of your vehicle is the most cost effective advertising you will ever buy, unlike the paper and internet directories, your vehicle will be seen by possibly thousands of potential new customers every day. It is important to have well thought out design for your vehicle to reflect your business.

What are the benefits of my vehicle being signwritten?

So, you’re thinking of giving the green light to sign writing your van, but you’re not completely convinced of the benefits that it is going to bring to your business. Firstly, a sign written van gives you low cost advertising, especially in comparison with other marketing activities.

Let’s assume that your sign writing costs you £150 and you keep that van for three years. Over the course of this period, it would cost you £1 per week for the sign writing. After the initial outlay, it’s completely paid off and you don’t need to worry about doing it again until you get a new van.

It is estimated that your van will be seen by around 2,000 people every day, so even if you only get one job from your van’s sign writing, it will probably have paid for itself!

A sign written van will instantly make your business look more professional. Customers will appreciate that you have taken the time to design a logo and spent the money to have it put onto your company vehicle with your contact details.

Some trades people have even stated that customers they are providing a quote for have been more likely to convert if they have their van sign written. Customers are more confident in you if your business looks legitimate and professional.

How much would it cost me?

Get the signwriters to design, manufacture and fit your vinyl signwriting and you’re looking at between £175 and £600 plus VAT.

Why the wide discrepancy? Because it depends how complex and extensive your design is. But the average cost is about £250-£350 plus VAT for medium vans and £300-£600 plus VAT for large ones. That’s for basic to medium coverage.

For medium to high coverage, reckon on up to about £450 plus VAT for medium vans and up to about £800 plus VAT for large ones.

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